Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Mother turned 100 on June 5, 2009.. and we had a Party!

Here is a picture of our mother at her party on June 7th. She is such an amazing person. Runs her own house and makes sure everything is in tip top shape. No dirty dishes in the sink in her kitchen - where she cooks everything from blueberry muffins to chicken parmesean and much more. She is known for her Toll House cookies - which she learned to make from the originator, in Whitman, Mass. when she was first married.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Just leave a comment here or at to win one of 3 bags to be given away on May 1st.
On May 1st Linda's granddaughter will draw the 3 lucky names... be sure to leave your email address, so she can contact the winners and get their addresses to ship them out.
These little tote bags are handpainted by Carol with a PRINCESS castle design using puffy paints. The paints she uses are Tulip Puff Paints and they are puffed with steam after they dry.. They are quite hardy. Included is a silver (toy) tiara. The bag measures 8 1/2 X 7 1/2 inches.

Good Luck..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tagged by my sister - 6 things about myself..

I couldn't think of a thing so, my granddaughter, Tina, chimed in with her 6 things about me:
1. I'm addicted to expired food... (I say it's good unless there's mold).
2. I have a boot on my foot and wish I had another one for my other foot - oh so comfy.
3. I have a spending problem - I buy in bulk - and many times I end up not using the stuff. Though I ask God to help me use them up before I pass on... like 10,000 yards of lace; thousands & thousands of beads & baubles; and a fabric stash to equal no other; etc.
4. Whenever I watch a movie, if I think it's just a 2 star movie, and then I go and see the ratings and I see someone else gave it 5 stars -- I change my mind and give it 4 stars. (But not Rachel's wedding - that was a bomb, baby.)
5. My boobs are my bib... everything lands there.
6. My favorite place is Wegman's ... For groceries, for drugs, for hoagies, for dinner or anything; it's Wegman's by a mile!
and Mimi said "Amen"...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby & Girls White Cotton Hand Painted Dresses

These darling dresses are for sale in my Etsy shop:
They are made here in Pennsylvania of a beautiful popcorn design 100% cotton knit fabric. I hand paint whimsical garden designs with Tulip Puffy Paint and use a steamer to puff them up after the paint dries. They are hardy - can be washed in the washer & drier and even pretreatment sprays can be used on spots and also a little bleach.
Each dress is hand painted so no two are exactly alike. They can be personalized with the name of your special girl.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Light House Wall Hanging Quilt by Whims Watercolor Quilts

Linda and I each made one of these wonderful Light House Wall Hanging Quilts from a Whims Watercolor Quilt Kit..It is so easy and fun - little 2 inch squares of fabric are laid out on a 2 inch iron-on grid cloth.. and then you iron them down - turn over and sew down each row on the back and you have a quilt pretty quick. All it needs is the strips, batting and the backing. Click on this link to go to the Whims Watercolor Quilts How-to Video...

Block #2 of the Polka Dot Girls

How happy I am to have finished

another block and how pretty it

is. AND I am learning how to

be faster and better.

Polka Dot Girls Embroidery

This is my First block for

the Polka Dot Girls Block

of the Month Embroidery.

It is block #7 - Sisters.