Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Mother turned 100 on June 5, 2009.. and we had a Party!

Here is a picture of our mother at her party on June 7th. She is such an amazing person. Runs her own house and makes sure everything is in tip top shape. No dirty dishes in the sink in her kitchen - where she cooks everything from blueberry muffins to chicken parmesean and much more. She is known for her Toll House cookies - which she learned to make from the originator, in Whitman, Mass. when she was first married.


  1. So fabulous! She can teach us all some lessons on how to live a wonderful, I think.

  2. Your mother is so beautiful! And that smile on her face lights up the world. No wonder she has lived so long and given so much..she is filled up to the brim with lovely light!